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Boeing, No Clear Trend. Boeing Co, BA, shows no clear trend according to Investtec. Investtech, the analytical research company today, 15th January 2020, provided an update on their view of BA shares. The daily free analysis they offer on their homepage can be found here. It suggests a continued rise in the stock price as well as providing insight into the underlying technicals of BA stock.

The analysis suggests the share price has resistance at $372 and support at $326 accordingly. The research note advises that decisive breakthrough either one of these levels would indicate the new direction for the share price.

Tech Analysis

An outline of the analysis is below:

Boeing CO. (The) does not show any clear trend in the medium long term. The stock is moving within a rectangle formation between support at 326 and resistance at 372. A decisive breakthrough one of these levels indicates the new direction for the stock. The stock has broken down through the support at dollar 337. This predicts a further decline. In case of positive reactions, there will now be resistance at dollar 337. The stock is overall assessed as technically unfavorable for the medium long term.


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